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Equipment use:
  This product is a "sealed bags and membrane permeability requirements and test methods for materials
and plastic film may be composed of a combination of" in accordance with the requirementsYY/T 0698.5-2009 Section 5, to achieve a combination of sealed bags and coil connection strength were measured,its sterilization process before and after the seal strength testing junction meets the strength requirements ofspecial equipment specification, field strength for sealing all kinds of sealing machine for testing in accordance withregulatory requirements and test parameters.
  Print record or the tester connected to the computer (optional), through a dedicated program of record test
stored or printed output to meet the needs of batch traceability sealing effect comes through micro-printer.
The main features:
●Microcomputer control, color display, touch keys, humane Chinese user interface; 
●A maximum, average test function; 
●Type test parameters, test results can be automatically analyze the output; 
●Smart Tips and working conditions to protect the safe operation of the complete system; 
●Equipped with micro-printer, output test parameters, but also have optional USB computer interface,
use the computer output test parameters; 
●Simple, reliable and easy to use, performance, testing, stable and efficient. 
Technical parameters: 
●Load range: 0 ~ 20N 
●Accuracy: 0.1N 
●Loading speed: 200mm/min 
●Sample Width: 15mm 
● Power: 50W 
●Power source: AC 110V/220V 50Hz 
●Dimensions (L×W×H):320×200×215(mm) 
●Net weight: 8kg 
●Environmental requirements:temperature10~35℃ Humidity 20~80%